Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 43

Ok. So. www.thedailyplate.com is my new favorite website. I couldn't find Buffalo Wild Wings on the Weight Watchers database, so I decided to google the nutrition facts from the restaurant so that I could count the points for the 8 honey bbq wings I ate tonight. (Maybe not the smartest choice, but normall I would have eaten at least 12. It's an improvement for me.) The Daily Plate website came up, I clicked on it, and low and behold! This website has a FOUNTAIN of information, not only on restaurant food caloric values, but also on calories burned during various exercises and the caloric value of regular grocery-bought foods. What a great tool! Totally in love. Now I never have to go out to dinner and feel lost. I'll just research what I want ahead of time and stay safe! (By the way, 8 honey bbq wings at BWW is 11 points for those of you who were wondering.)

I did cardio x today! Gosh, I just love this workout more and more every time I do it. It kicks my butt and yet I'm able to get through the whole thing and do it really well. EVEN the core synergistics section of it. (Which I still loathe.) How much fun are wacky jacks? Don't you just LOVE them??? I'd do them all day if I had the time and stamina. And just as a side note, in yoga, when I'm floating my leg up and swinging it through to runner's pose, my foot doesn't get stuck anymore! I can swing it all the way through to exactly the spot where it's supposed to be. It might sound stupid to you, but I was just tickled pink by this! Also, during the x-stretches in cardio x, when the last ten are airborne, I couldn't do that before. Now I can! And I can do ALL TEN! I'm just so incredibly proud. I can't help it. I've accomplished so much... I'll be halfway done in two days! Can you believe it? Crazy. It went by so quickly.... Day 44 tomorrow! Can't wait!!!!


  1. CardioX is one of my absolute favs. In fact it's the DVD I borrowed from a friend to see what this whole P90X thing was about! It's what got me hooked! Glad to hear you like it as much I do! Also, way to go on your victories!! Anytime you improve or accomplish a goal(however small it may seem)... celebrate!! That's what motivates us to go on to bigger and better things and ultimately killer results! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate the support. I'm still trying to find a way to reward myself... hmm... my mom owes me a cruise (long story) so I think once I reach my goal weight I'm going to cash in on that. The idea is that I will be able to wear a bikini on the cruise! haha