Tuesday, December 8, 2009

P90X+ Days 5-14

P90X+ has been going really well! I'm into my third week (day 15 is today! Already halfway through phase 1. Incredible.) and loving it. Now that I have a little more experience (not much more) with the program, I'll share more thoughts on it.

While I'm digging the new format (and Tony's new hair) I wish that he didn't use the same two people in all of the videos. I liked the variety in P90X, but at least Drea isn't in P90X+. She drives me crazy for some reason- I'm more of a "Pam the Blam" girl!

P90X+ feels more like an infomercial, too. Tony is constantly hawking Bowflex products, which gets somewhat annoying when you're trying to bring it. He talks about them so much to the point where I sometimes forget that I'm doing a quality workout and instead feel like I'm watching a commercial while inflicting pain upon myself. It's a small price to pay for a hot bod, but I could do without it.

One downside to the program for me is the fact that it's virtually impossible to do push-ups on your knees, as many of the push-up moves in the program have added moves to them that require you to be in plank. Now, this is just me whining. Plank push-ups is something that I need to become more comfortable with, and doing them is only going to make me stronger. I just don't like them as much!

Tony keeps up his funny personality, however, in these DVD's and I feel like he's even more entertaining here than in P90X, especially in Total Body +. It's refreshing and keeps me coming back for more every day.

One thing I've noticed about P90X+ is that the workouts feel a lot like Core Synergistics. Which isn't a bad thing, I just didn't suspect it. I can feel my core getting stronger and tighter, but I wish there was more of the classic moves featured in P90X. It's more difficult to get in a really good upper or lower body workout with + because so many of the moves are synergistic. The core gets an excellent workout, easily, but it takes some finessing to get a good workout for other parts of the body.

I am one day behind where I should be because I didn't work out on Saturday. I feel guilty, but it was impossible. I had homework to do, and then my roommates were in the living room all day doing projects and watching movies, so I didn't really have an opportunity. Things happen- it's cool. As long as I keep coming back for more every time I can, I know it'll work out!