Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 43

Ok. So. www.thedailyplate.com is my new favorite website. I couldn't find Buffalo Wild Wings on the Weight Watchers database, so I decided to google the nutrition facts from the restaurant so that I could count the points for the 8 honey bbq wings I ate tonight. (Maybe not the smartest choice, but normall I would have eaten at least 12. It's an improvement for me.) The Daily Plate website came up, I clicked on it, and low and behold! This website has a FOUNTAIN of information, not only on restaurant food caloric values, but also on calories burned during various exercises and the caloric value of regular grocery-bought foods. What a great tool! Totally in love. Now I never have to go out to dinner and feel lost. I'll just research what I want ahead of time and stay safe! (By the way, 8 honey bbq wings at BWW is 11 points for those of you who were wondering.)

I did cardio x today! Gosh, I just love this workout more and more every time I do it. It kicks my butt and yet I'm able to get through the whole thing and do it really well. EVEN the core synergistics section of it. (Which I still loathe.) How much fun are wacky jacks? Don't you just LOVE them??? I'd do them all day if I had the time and stamina. And just as a side note, in yoga, when I'm floating my leg up and swinging it through to runner's pose, my foot doesn't get stuck anymore! I can swing it all the way through to exactly the spot where it's supposed to be. It might sound stupid to you, but I was just tickled pink by this! Also, during the x-stretches in cardio x, when the last ten are airborne, I couldn't do that before. Now I can! And I can do ALL TEN! I'm just so incredibly proud. I can't help it. I've accomplished so much... I'll be halfway done in two days! Can you believe it? Crazy. It went by so quickly.... Day 44 tomorrow! Can't wait!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 42

While I still hate hate hate core synergistics, I have to say that it was easier today than it was last week. I think I'm getting better at it, even though I detest it to the very core of my being. Especially those gosh awful Dreya Rolls. Anyways.... I can feel myself getting stronger and I can feel my cardio vascular strength improving. I can do more reps per move and I can keep with each move for longer periods of time. It's still tremendously difficult, but I do feel a difference!

My little four-year-old brother Danny did the sweetest things today. He saw that I was running out of water in my water bottle, so he brought me more and told me that he liked taking care of me. Then, later, he saw that I was dripping with sweat during the lunge, kickback, curl, press move, so he brought me my towel and asked if he could wipe off my sweat, and then he DID! How cute is that??? And then, to top it off, at then end, during Dreya Rolls, he said, "Katey, I think that guy in the video is trying to kill you. You should slow down. I don't want you to die." He was so concerned! It was adorable. Totally made my day.


So I haven't worked out yet, so Day 42 reports will be posted later. BUT I did weigh in and measure myself today, and I'm pleased to report success! I lost 4 pounds this week and my current measurements are:

Measurements- May 25

chest- 41
waist- 32 3/4
hips- 46
right thigh- 22 1/2
left thigh- 22 1/2
right arm- 12 3/4 (12 1/2 not flexed)
left arm- 13 (12 1/2 not flexed)
weight- 186

As opposed to the last time I measured myself:

Measurements- May 14

chest- 42
waist- 33
hips- 46
right thigh- 23 1/2
left thigh- 23 1/2
right arm- 12 3/4(12 not flexed)
left arm-12 3/4
weight- 190.2

So overall, since the start of p90X, I have lost 1 inch across my chest, 1.25 inches around my waist, and 2.5 inches on each leg. Yay! Progress!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 37-41

The job at Dunkin' Donuts still has not gotten in my way. In fact, it's probably helped my cause! I work all day, so I'm not sitting at home with a fridge full of food to tempt me. Plus, DD has this fabulous whole wheat egg white turkey sausage flat bread sandwich that is TO DIE FOR. I eat it every day. It's totally amazing.

Tomorrow will mark the end of my first week combining P90X with Weight Watchers. I also weigh in tomorrow for the first time. I'm kind of nervous, but I've been so incredibly good with it. Weight Watchers really works for me, and their online program is absolutely fabulous because I can do it while I'm on the computer (which is a lot) and while I'm out, I can do it on my phone. Brilliant! Also, While I did earn 26 activity points this last week, I didn't spend any of them. This can only help my cause right? I'm figuring that as long as I'm not starving myself and being unhealthy about it, I should be ok. My thing is that if I'm invited to a party or go out to dinner with Brian or my friends, I don't have to worry about what I'm going to eat because I've been banking all of my activity points and extra weekly points (of which I only used 13.5 out of 35 this week). Also, I figure not using the activity points and the extra weekly points will add a bit of cushion in case I've miscalculated portions and little bites here and there. I just want to leave room for error and social freedom. I guess we'll find out tomorrow if it's working!!!! I feel great and in control.

So during the last week I came up with two new mantras for myself. They're AWESOME! But ironically I can't remember either of them right now. I promise that I'll write them down as soon as I remember. Promise.

Day 37- Today was chest, shoulders, and triceps. Holy smokes, is this one hard for me to do. I'm just not physically prone to doing pushups- they feel very awkward to me, but I push forward and suck it up. I'm proud to say that this week was far better than last week. My main concern is becoming healthy and continuing to progress.

Day 38- Today was yoga. Unfortunately, due to the new job, nannying, and my new responsibilities as co-stage manager for the Miss Woodstock pageant, (I take on all responsibilities for the job next year. Yay! So excited.) I ran out of time and was only able to complete the first half of this workout today. Luckily, the core of the hard work is in the first half, while the second half is majorly stretching and balancing, two things that are extremely easy for me. In fact, from the beginning, the second half has always been incredibly easy- a breeze. So while I would have enjoyed being able to do the entire workout, I don't feel like I've been robbed. I got in the hard parts and am still progressing. (Although I still can't do crane for the life of me. All well!)

Day 39- Toay was supposed to be legs & back, but it was another busy day, even busier than the last. I left my house at 5 AM and didn't return until 12:30 AM. Talk about a freakin' nightmare. I took today as my rest day instead of Sunday.

Day 40- I did legs & back today, and might I just say that it's getting easier and easier??? I'm sooo happy with it! I feel so accomplished at the end. I think I need to go buy heavier weights so I can keep progressing with this one. Thank you, dancer legs! The calf raises are still ridiculously painful, though. Even with my dance backround, these kill. The pidgeon toe raises escape me. My legs just don't turn that way! I do them in parallel instead. In past weeks, I have struggled to find a way to make the pullups challenging. I do them with bands secured in the door jamb instead of an actual pullup bar, because that is sure as heck not happening. I'm not aiming for a ripped back anyways- just a toned back. Anyways... they've always been tough, but I always felt like they worked my arms much more than my back. BUT I found a solution yesterday- all I needed to do was 1.) Engage my back muscles and try to use them instead of my arms, and 2.) Move farther away from the door, thus adding tension to the bands! Yay! Problem solved.

Day 41- Just got done with Kenpo X. And while it's not my favorite because I'm not into the whole punching scene, I still enjoy it. Aren't the last 20 minutes of this video just a kick in the pants??? I just love it. I remember that when I first started doing this video, I didn't have enough stamina or energy to do the runs, jump rope, jumping jacks, and x jumps during the breaks. I could barely move I was so burned out! Now, I'm like, "BRING IT ON!!!" I can do it all- even the x jumps! They're aboslutely one of my favorite things to do.

I will do my best to report the results of my weigh-in tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 31-36

Holy crap... I haven't blogged in forever. About a week, but it feels like forever. Anyways... one huge development- I started doing Weight Watchers yesterday. I'm curious to see how the two programs fit together- hopefully I can lose weight and tone up by doing both! We'll see. It's going really well so far, despite the new job at Dunkin' Donuts. Surprisingly, it hasn't been a problem. Yay!

Day 31- Yoga X again, same old same old, although I have to say that it's getting a lot easier. Not easy, just easier than when I first started doing it. The only moves I struggle with are crane (my arms are too short or something... IDK), half moon, and twisting half moon. Those last two moves make my butt hurt more than anything else in the entire realm of pain. Holy crap. I'm working on it, though.

Day 32- Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X. L&B is just so much fun. I truly do love it. I may not be strong in the arms, but boy can I push it with the legs! AND good news... I only skipped 7 reps TOTAL with Ab Ripper X this time which is incredible considering that I had to skip 5-7 reps PER MOVE when I began. I'm soooo proud. Still hurts like heck, though.

Day 33- Kenpo! Still not a favorite, but I do enjoy the "block" moves. I'm just not into punching (or pretending to punch.) It's good to have this workout land on Saturday though. It's not too long and doesn't make me feel shaky for the rest of the day so I can still enjoy the weekend regularly.

Day 34- Rest! Took an amazing nap.

Day 35- Core synergistics- ugh. Still hate it. Still hurts. Still breathe harder than ever while doing it. I'm getting better at it though. It's helping me a lot with my push-up technique, something I've struggled with throughout my life. Seriously though... ugh.

Day 36- Cardio X! Love it love it love it. I'm really mastering this and I just feel so darn good after doing it. My fave move is the Wacky Jack. How could you NOT love doing this move? It's just such a fun way to burn off the jiggly. I still max out at the end, which I think is great, but it's definitely getting easier. Plus, it's not too long. I love the length of this video. Too bad it never lands on a busy day! All well!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 29-30

What in the world? The measurements are in, and I'm extremely frustrated.

Measurements- May 14

chest- 42
waist- 33
hips- 46
right thigh- 23 1/2
left thigh- 23 1/2
right arm- 12 3/4
left arm-12 3/4
weight- 190.2

Compared to my starting measurements:

Measurements- April 17, 2009

chest (across boobs)- 42
waist- 34
hips- 46
right thigh (midpoint)- 25
left thigh (midpoint)- 25
right arm (flexed midpoint)- 13
left arm (flexed midpoint) - 13
weight: 185

What the heck??? I lose a few inches here and there, but GAIN weight??? I'm so incredibly frustrated. So mad. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Day 29

Today was cardio x, pretty routine. I did add in the jumps with the x stretches though, so that was new. I worked really hard and felt totally wiped at the end- I'm really trying to apply myself and max myself out at the end of every workout. I know some consider cardio x to be a "baby" workout, but it's not if you're really applying yourself.

Day 30

Today was a new one for me- chest, shoulders, triceps. How FUN is this one? I'm not a big arm-strength kind of person, but I really enjoyed this workout, even though I felt like I was going to die by the end of it. My arms are still sore! I'm already seeing a difference in them, though. This is good- my arms are one of my problem areas, along with my stomach. Speaking of... I also had ab ripper x yesterday, and yay me! I was able to do the entire thing while only missing 7 reps out of the entire workout! When I started, I would skip out on 5-7 reps PER MOVE. That's A LOT. I was still in a lot of pain by the end, but I'm improving! This is great news! Now only if my efforts started showing... sigh.

What am I going to do???? I think I need to be as hardcore with my diet as I am with my exercising. Get it together!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 28

Ok! Officially four weeks have been completed, and I've officially begun phase 2. I had Core Synergistics today. Still totally hating it. That workout is BRUTAL!!!!! I feel totally wiped out by the end, and yet afterwards, if I've cut a move short or not done as many reps as the video asked for, I feel like I haven't done my best. I feel like I've cheated myself, and I'm not proud. But I SHOULD be proud! I work my butt off every day to reach my goal. I don't know how close that goal is yet, but I know that I am doing my very best.

I start a new job at Dunkin' Donuts tomorrow... gasp. I hope this doesn't undo everything that I've accomplished. It will only get in my way if I let it!

Day 26-27

Day 26

Today was supposed to be my second round of Yoga X for the recovery week, but it was such a crazy day that I only got in half of the workout. (45 minutes, but still) It was my sister's prom and my other sister's play, and then a friend's pageant, a job interview... just to name a few things on my long list of to-do's. I'm just proud that I was able to fit in any exercise at all! It was a crazy day, but I made some time for me.

Day 27

Rest day!!!! Took a nap, went to church, watch WALL-E with my brother, and welcomed my parents back from Vienna. All in all, it was a very good rest day. Despite only doing half of Yoga X yesterday, I still woke up feeling sore. Guess I accomplished something after all! Three days away from Day 30... crazy. I'm a little scared of taking measurements. It's the moment of truth. Who knows what it will bring???

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 24-25

Day 24

Yesterday was supposed to be X Stretch... but I just kind of bagged it. I'm already pretty flexible from dance, so I figured I'd be ok, especially since I have yoga twice this week. It was nice to have a break, but I definitely didn't have as much energy as usual.

Day 25

Today was Cardio X, which I totally love. It's not too long but still gets me sweating up a storm!!!! I especially love the wacky jacks that we do in the workout. They're sooo much fun. I have to say, though, I really hate Dreya Rolls. Hate hate hate them. I have a really hard time getting up after the roll. I get stuck on the floor, and then proceed to feel totally incapable. No matter what I do, it never gets better, but I keep on pushing and doing the best that I can.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 23

Kenpo X today! Unfortunately, I didn't plan out my time very well today and didn't have enough time to finish the entire workout. I ended it about ten minutes early. Bummer! At least it's recovery week and not a hardcore week. I'm starting to like Kenpo X more and more every time I do it, though. I particularly enjoy the blocks! Sometimes I find the pace to be a bit too fast to keep up with, but I just do the best I can and max myself out! That's what it's all about, right? Doing your best and trying to reach even farther than your best to get a little bit better everyday.

Day 22

Core synergistics! If there's one workout that aboslutely kills me... it's this one. I'm still struggling with it, and definitely can't make it through the bonus round at the end. The regular round is enough for me! I'm still struggling to finish each movement with all the reps outlined by Tony, and I'm struggling to just do each movement! I sometimes have to skip one (by movements I mean the different exercises done within the workout) so I can catch my breath and build up enough energy to keep going. I am not a core person, and the fact that I'm not a push-up person either doesn't help since much of core synergistics uses various types of push-ups within the workout. I suppose this is ultimately the best thing for me- it will help me grow and hopefully help me become a push-up person, but I truly do hate it. I'm not letting that hate get in the way of my success though. I know I need to suck it up and push through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. (AKA weight loss, phsyical fitness, etc.) I need to do this. I want to do this. I want to reach my goals.

Speaking of goals... I'm not sure I've quite outlined these yet on this blog. Ultimately, I'd like to get back down to a size 8 or 10- preferrably 8, but 10 is acceptable. I'm currently around a 12 or 14, depending on where I'm shopping. Usually closer to 14. It's hard for me to be this honest, but if I'm not willing to accept reality I'll never be able to accept the reality that I need to make a change in my life. I'd also like to drop about 40 pounds. Now, given, if I'm building muscle, that might be difficult seeing as muscle weighs more than fat. That's why I've set the pant size goals. My boyfriend doesn't want me too thin so I'm going to stop there I think- that's where I was when we first started dating. I'd like to be that girl again. If I get there and I'm still not comfortable with the way I look, then I'll set another goal to reach until I feel satisfied. All I know right now is that I can't stay where I am. It's not healthy and it's not attractive.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 20-21

Yesterday (day 20) was my rest day, and strangely, it wasn't a relief. I found myself wanting to get back out there and sweat up a storm, but I didn't because I know that if I don't rest I won't be able to progress any further. My body needs a breather as much as I may hate to give it one. I did wear five inch heels to church yesterday though and walked around all day in them, so maybe that can count as a little bit of exercise! Lord knows it takes work to be able to do that.

Speaking of breathers... this week is my recovery week in phase one. I did Yoga X today. Every time I repeat a workout week to week, I'm amazed at how much progress I've made just in being able to do every move/rep/set/whatever, at how I don't have to take as many breaks, and at how I have more stamina and energy throughout the workouts each week. But I especially notice my progress with Yoga X. I can't stress enough how important Yoga X is, let alone how challenging it can be. I have a decent yoga/dance/pilates background. Yoga is familiar ground for me. However, the first time I did Yoga X... I thought I was going to die. It was incredibly difficult and long! I was dripping and shaking by the end of it. But as the weeks have rolled on, the workout has become easier and easier. While I'm still dripping and shaking, I'm to the point where I have enough strength, cardiovascular endurance, and stamina to complete every pose to a T without having to come out of it or cheat. It's truly amazing what just three weeks can do.

Once again, and I know I say this a lot, I know I have a long way to go. I'm nowhere near done, but I'm so proud of how far I've come in just three weeks. I can't wait to see what I can do at Day 90!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Days 13-19

I haven't blogged in a week!!!! AHH!!! No good. Instead of talking about every single day of this week, though, I'll just go over the generals.

I took last Friday as a rest day instead of Sunday as usual because I went shopping and was gone all day... but I walked around the mall for hours so I got some activity in anyways. My official favorite workout is the legs and back workout. It's sooo much fun!!! I really enjoy it and look forward to it. I'm almost done with "phase 1." This is really exciting! It went by so quickly- I have my first recovery week next week. I'm kinda bummed because I don't get to do any real weight stuff, but I guess it'll be nice to change things up a little bit. I can definitely see that I'm improving. Things are becoming less difficult and I don't have to take as many breaks. I am able to go through all of the workouts without having to say "Oh there's no way that's happening," because it IS happening and I'm able to do nearly every move! I'm so proud of myself. I'm not sure how successful the weight loss part of it is going (I'm waiting until day 30 to weigh myself.), but I can feel my body getting more toned every day. I feel better and have more energy. Especially in my core! It's crazy- it's getting so strong. I'm not sure I look any different, but I'm still proud of myself. I'm working really hard and accomplishing extremely difficult tasks. I feel like I'm progressing and getting better. There's a long way to go, but I know I can do it!!!