Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 31-36

Holy crap... I haven't blogged in forever. About a week, but it feels like forever. Anyways... one huge development- I started doing Weight Watchers yesterday. I'm curious to see how the two programs fit together- hopefully I can lose weight and tone up by doing both! We'll see. It's going really well so far, despite the new job at Dunkin' Donuts. Surprisingly, it hasn't been a problem. Yay!

Day 31- Yoga X again, same old same old, although I have to say that it's getting a lot easier. Not easy, just easier than when I first started doing it. The only moves I struggle with are crane (my arms are too short or something... IDK), half moon, and twisting half moon. Those last two moves make my butt hurt more than anything else in the entire realm of pain. Holy crap. I'm working on it, though.

Day 32- Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X. L&B is just so much fun. I truly do love it. I may not be strong in the arms, but boy can I push it with the legs! AND good news... I only skipped 7 reps TOTAL with Ab Ripper X this time which is incredible considering that I had to skip 5-7 reps PER MOVE when I began. I'm soooo proud. Still hurts like heck, though.

Day 33- Kenpo! Still not a favorite, but I do enjoy the "block" moves. I'm just not into punching (or pretending to punch.) It's good to have this workout land on Saturday though. It's not too long and doesn't make me feel shaky for the rest of the day so I can still enjoy the weekend regularly.

Day 34- Rest! Took an amazing nap.

Day 35- Core synergistics- ugh. Still hate it. Still hurts. Still breathe harder than ever while doing it. I'm getting better at it though. It's helping me a lot with my push-up technique, something I've struggled with throughout my life. Seriously though... ugh.

Day 36- Cardio X! Love it love it love it. I'm really mastering this and I just feel so darn good after doing it. My fave move is the Wacky Jack. How could you NOT love doing this move? It's just such a fun way to burn off the jiggly. I still max out at the end, which I think is great, but it's definitely getting easier. Plus, it's not too long. I love the length of this video. Too bad it never lands on a busy day! All well!

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