Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 44-48

Day 44

Today was chest, shoulders, triceps. Oh boy, is this one hard. Oh man oh man. BUT I did progress! I was able to do the plyometric push ups! I did 17. (On my knees of course, but still. There's no way I could have ever done this before.) The one-handed push-ups still throw me, but I try and I do my best. I'm seeing improvements.

Day 45

Yoga X time! And today marks the OFFICIAL HALF-WAY POINT!!!!! Ahh I can't believe it! How crazy is that??? I can't believe it's already half over. Unbelievable. Anyways... I know I say this every week, but this was seriously the best time that I've ever done yoga x. I did EVERY SINGLE MOVE full out, didn't have to take any breaks, but still felt the burn! It was beautiful. I was even able to do the half moon/twisting half moon stuff and I was able to do plough all the way! I even laid my knees all the way to the floor next to my ears this time! I was so proud.

Day 46

Another CRAZY Friday. I was literally on the go from 5 AM until 11:30 PM without a single break, so I was forced to use this day as my rest day instead of Sunday. Sad, but needed after a long and stressful week.

Day 47

Legs & back! Definitely getting some 12 pounders this coming week. I've outgrown my 10's; I'm just not feeling as much of a challenge with them anymore. Which is a GREAT and BEAUTIFUL thing! It means I'm getting better and that I'm progressing! So 12 pounders, here I come!

Day 48

Kenpo X! Lovin' it! Still not a favorite, but it's enjoyable enough. It's starting to be less of a challenge, which I'm not sure I like, but it does make me happy because I know that I've come so far. This one killed me in the beginning- now I do it with confidence and I do it full out! My favorite moves are the block moves and the "back knuckles front kick back kicks." Absolutely kickin'. So much fun! I'm going to try and find ways to make this one more challenging for myself- perhaps I'll start doing a third round of Ab Ripper X after completing it so I can still get some serious pain in there. Sounds masochistic, but pain is GOOD! Pain means growth! Pain means RIPPED!

I weigh in again today for Weight Watchers. I'll post results later along with Day 49's results!

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