Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 71-77

I can't believe I'm already at day 77. It seriously feels like I just began the program last week. Time has gone by so quickly! Lost another 2.9 pounds this week, bringing my total weight loss to 13.8 pounds since adding Weight Watchers to my P90X program a month and a week ago. Things are going very well!

The sunburn is nearly gone and doesn't hurt anymore, so this last week was much easier for me. The first couple of days was KILLER, but it soon disappeared and I was able to totally complete each workout. I did have to cut out some yoga last week because of time constraints, (it was the Miss Woodstock pageant last week. I'm on the pageant committee so it was a very busy week for me!) but I got in the first 45 minutes, which is the difficult part. I just cut out the stretching. I took Saturday off instead of Sunday because it was my boyfriend's birthday and we were out all day long, and I was so exhausted yesterday (Sunday) that I almost decided not to exercise, but I felt guilty and thought to myself, "You've come all the way to day 76 without missing a day and NOW you're going to skip? I don't think so!!!" So I did it around 11 PM even though I was exhausted and had to get up for work at 3:50 in the morning. Afterwards, I felt great and proud of myself. Sacrifice is necessary and brings great blessings!!!

Core synergistics is FINALLY getting easier. It still kills me every time, but I'm feel like I'm really getting somewhere with it. It's a beautiful thing! Also, my resting heart rate has gone down 8 points. Not only am I looking better, but I'm becoming healthier. I feel better and better every single day, and I'm loving every moment of it.

I'm finding that eating all of my points is harder than I had imagined. I keep hearing that eating them all is important and that if you don't, you'll end up plateauing or gaining. That happened to me last week. I hardly ate all of my points each day and didn't eat all of my weeklies or any of my activity points and I ended up gaining a little bit. Bummer, but that's the way it goes. This week I made a point of trying to eat all of my points and look! I lost. Still... it's hard. I get fuller easier now and I feel guilty after eating. This weight loss thing is an ongoing battle, but it's one I'm determined to win.

Today (day 78) is Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. Can't wait to kill it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 65-70, Plus- Day 60 Measurements Are In!

The day 60 measurements are in! Ok, so I'm a touch late, but I DID take them a few days ago on June 19. Here are my results:

June 19 Measurements (in inches)

chest: 40 inches
waist: 31 inches
hips- 45.5
right thigh- 22.5
left thigh- 22.5
right arm- 12
left arm-12
weight- 178.6

Let's compare those measurements to my Day 1 measurements, just to get an idea of how far I've come:

Measurements- April 17, 2009

chest- 42
waist- 34
hips- 46
right thigh (midpoint)- 25
left thigh (midpoint)- 25
right arm (flexed midpoint)- 13
left arm (flexed midpoint) - 13
weight: 185

Not bad! I FINALLY lost some around my hips! It took 60 days, but I did it! I'm also finally out of the 180's, which is something worth celebrating. My arms are smaller, my thighs are smaller, my chest is smaller, my waist is smaller.... things are lookin' good! I'm very proud.

So- only 20 days left! I can't believe it!! Things are going well. I'm doing my best to max out every day, but I'm getting in such good shape that I find myself having to do the hardest versions offered in the videos. It's nice, but kind of weird because that's never been something I've had to do or been able to do before. I'm totally loving it! I got sunburned really badly at the pool last Thursday, though, so each workout since then has been slightly modified because I can't stretch my arms back or lay on my back. (Too much pain...) It hasn't been a huge obstacle, but it has definitely not been a fun one. The pain is starting to subside and I should be good as new in the next couple of days.

Brian has a surprise planned for me tomorrow right after I get off of work, and from what I hear, I'm not going to have time to exercise. Eek! I'm sad, but I'll just use tomorrow as a rest day instead of Sunday, or double up my workouts on Wednesday to make up for it. We'll see how the week goes. The funny part about this is that in the past, I would have welcomed the break. I woul have been relieved by it. Now, I just feel anxious and sad! I dread it! It's odd, but I love it. It's a beautiful thing. I feel like I've really changed my whole lifestyle.

This weekend was kind of interesting. I ate my normal breakfast on Saturday morning, but didn't eat anything at all for about 13 hours after that. When I finally got the chance to eat again, I was starving, but also felt incredibly nauseous, so I couldn't even eat anything!!! I asked ChaCha if not eating or having a bad sunburn could cause nausea, and ChaCha replied saying that not eating causes low blood sugar, which can cause nausea. So go figure. I guess I need to not space out my meals so much next time and make sure that I'm eating enough- another problem I've never had before. I love this new me, but it's so surreal!

Lovin life, lovin you. Here's to a fabulous week of kickin' butt and losing the cage!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 57-64

I am so bad at keeping up with this. But, for the record, I am working over 40 hours a week and getting no sleep so please give me a break. :)

I lost another 3.8 pounds this week! That brings me to a total of 11.4 pounds lost this month since starting Weight Watchers. I'm really liking the combo of WW and P90X. It WORKS. I swear I had gained this week. I felt bigger and avoided the scale for two days before weighing in today. Guess I had nothing to worry about!

This last week was intense, as always, but I'm not feeling the absolute pain that I used to. I feel wiped at the end, but not to the point where I think I'm dying. It's a good feeling. I feel like I'm really mastering the X. Chest and back went very well again this week, and cardio x was as great as always!

Last week I also did shoulders and arms. I tried this one out on day 3 I believe and it totally kicked my butt, but I'm back with a VENGEANCE!!! Totally burned it up last week. I have it again today- can't wait to see what I can do this time. I also had the "regulars" last week. (yoga, kenpo, cardio, and core synergistics.) They all went very well- I can definitely feel my improvement in these. Core still kicks my butt every time, though. Still hate it. Hate hate hate it. I can tell that it's improving my core, though. Guess we all have to make sacrifices for what we want, don't we?

Speaking of what we want, let me share some of my motivations with you. I have always wanted to work at Disney World, particularly as a performer. I'd love to be a princess, along with about a million other girls. Anyways, I've always wanted this. Now that I'm doing the Disney College Program next winter, this dream could become a reality. However, my fitness and weight are currently standing in the way of that dream being fulfilled. So now, every time I take a bite when I know I shouldn't, I just think, "That bite is taking you one step away from what you want. Are you REALLY going to let that bite take away your dream?" Or when I want to slack off during P90X, I just think, "Are you going to skimp on reps and let your dream slip away? Are you going to let one rep get in your way? You can push out one more!"

I'm also signed up for the Miss McHenry County pageant this summer. It's in the beginning of August, and I really need to win the pageant so that I can pay for school. Am I going to let one bite or one rep get in my way? No way! I'm better than that.

Today is shoulders and arms again. Can't wait to kill it! Also, I know I'm due for my day 60 measurements. I'll get them done, I promise!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 50-56

Wow. Haven't updated in FOREVER.... it's been so crazy busy. I know I say that all the time, but I really do mean it. Life just keeps getting busier and busier. I'm having a really hard time keeping up with everything, but I've been keeping strong with both P90X and Weight Watchers. Last week I lost another 2.2 pounds and this week I lost .4 pounds. Not exactly as much as I wanted, but with me going to the carnival and eating fair food last week, (I had the world's best corndog and cheese fries. YUM.) going to a parade and eating some snacks there, eating a donut and some party stuff from my brother's birthday party on saturday, and then having homemade fondue on Sunday... I'm just glad I lost anything at all!!!! I thought I'd maintained at least. So, I was happy. This week I'll be a little more strict- gotta get back on track. The job at Dunkin' Donuts is going well- I've managed to only eat three donuts from there throughout my first month of working. It's a HUGE accomplishment!!!

Since cutting back on the crap, I've begun to notice that I don't desire junk food as much and that when I do eat it, it's much tastier, but it doesn't satiate me anymore. I think my body is learning to want the good stuff. Either that or it's all in my head and I'm going nuts. :) (Quite possible.)

Since I'm so behind, I'm not going to do a day-by-day report of what I did last week. Also, it was recovery week of phase two, so nothing interesting really happened anyways, except for the fact that I got my new heart rate moniter last week!!! Can I just say right now how much I ADORE it??? Knowing how hard I'm working and how many calories I'm burning is way cool. Burned 747 during Kenpo X and 435 during Cardio X last week. Brilliant, I tell you! So fun to have a machine that acknowleges how hard you're working. ;)

I took my X stretch day at the end of the week instead of in the middle because I knew the weekend would be SUPER crazy. Having two days of relaxation in a row was kind of nice, but I actually missed exercising. It was a long weekend without it, and that fact really surprised me. I feel like my hard work is finally starting to pay off. I feel like I'm really starting to change my habits and my lifestyle. I want this to be a lifetime thing. I know that I'll have to exercise 5-6 days a week for the rest of my life. I know that I'm always going to have to keep track of every bite I eat if I want to maintain any weight loss that I've accomplished, or if I want to keep losing. It sucks, but I need to learn it now or else I never will. I'm so grateful for the X and WW! It's going to be a good week- I can feel it.

Oh, ps, I started week 1 of phase three yesterday. I guess that would make it week 9, wouldn't it? Anyways... yesterday was chest and back. Now, I've only done it one other time- it was day 1 before I committed to the "lean" version. It was the first one I ever did, and I thought I was going to die. I couldn't even lift my arms afterwards. BUT- this story has a happy ending!!! I did chest and back again for the first time since day 1, 55 days later, and made it through the whole workout without killing myself! It was absolutely incredible. I was so proud. It really goes to show how much I've grown. I never could have done what I did yesterday 55 days ago. I did 15 incline pushups (the one with the chair)! I couldn't do a single one 55 days ago. I've never been so proud of myself. I can't wait to see what I can do on day 90, or day 180, or day 270,....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 49

Yoga X yesterday! It went very well. Definitely mastering this one! I just need to remember to slow down a little bit. I'm starting to anticipate the moves and carry them out before Tony says to... all well! I'll be better behaved next time. :) Other than that, it was a very refreshing workout, and it was much needed. I have a pinched nerve in my back and doing the yoga really helps it feel better. Today is core synergistics. NOT looking forward to it AT ALL. But I'll push play anyways and work my way through it! Pain means gain!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a little side note...

I can't remember if I've shared this before, but I'm going to now! Here's a really simple recipe that I created for the best (and HEALTHY) smoothie in the entire world.

1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 to 1 cup frozen fruit (You can decide how "fruity" you want to get!)

Add all three ingredients in a blender, and BLEND! I like to put it on whip, myself. The smoothie will run you 4-5 points on Weight Watchers depending on how much frozen fruit you use. If you want it thicker, add more yogurt. My sister likes to use cottage cheese to thicken it, but I think it gives the smoothie a weird after taste. Just try different things out and see what works best for YOU! This smoothie is God-sent at breakfast time- much tastier, more filling, and much healthier than Cap'n Crunch Berries. (My favorite cereal.) I also replace the smoothie for ice cream. My family has ice cream after church every Sunday. The smoothie has as many points as 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream, but you get at least double the amount of smoothie for the same amount of points as the ice cream. Plus, it's so much better for you! No guilt!

Day 44-48

Day 44

Today was chest, shoulders, triceps. Oh boy, is this one hard. Oh man oh man. BUT I did progress! I was able to do the plyometric push ups! I did 17. (On my knees of course, but still. There's no way I could have ever done this before.) The one-handed push-ups still throw me, but I try and I do my best. I'm seeing improvements.

Day 45

Yoga X time! And today marks the OFFICIAL HALF-WAY POINT!!!!! Ahh I can't believe it! How crazy is that??? I can't believe it's already half over. Unbelievable. Anyways... I know I say this every week, but this was seriously the best time that I've ever done yoga x. I did EVERY SINGLE MOVE full out, didn't have to take any breaks, but still felt the burn! It was beautiful. I was even able to do the half moon/twisting half moon stuff and I was able to do plough all the way! I even laid my knees all the way to the floor next to my ears this time! I was so proud.

Day 46

Another CRAZY Friday. I was literally on the go from 5 AM until 11:30 PM without a single break, so I was forced to use this day as my rest day instead of Sunday. Sad, but needed after a long and stressful week.

Day 47

Legs & back! Definitely getting some 12 pounders this coming week. I've outgrown my 10's; I'm just not feeling as much of a challenge with them anymore. Which is a GREAT and BEAUTIFUL thing! It means I'm getting better and that I'm progressing! So 12 pounders, here I come!

Day 48

Kenpo X! Lovin' it! Still not a favorite, but it's enjoyable enough. It's starting to be less of a challenge, which I'm not sure I like, but it does make me happy because I know that I've come so far. This one killed me in the beginning- now I do it with confidence and I do it full out! My favorite moves are the block moves and the "back knuckles front kick back kicks." Absolutely kickin'. So much fun! I'm going to try and find ways to make this one more challenging for myself- perhaps I'll start doing a third round of Ab Ripper X after completing it so I can still get some serious pain in there. Sounds masochistic, but pain is GOOD! Pain means growth! Pain means RIPPED!

I weigh in again today for Weight Watchers. I'll post results later along with Day 49's results!