Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 37-41

The job at Dunkin' Donuts still has not gotten in my way. In fact, it's probably helped my cause! I work all day, so I'm not sitting at home with a fridge full of food to tempt me. Plus, DD has this fabulous whole wheat egg white turkey sausage flat bread sandwich that is TO DIE FOR. I eat it every day. It's totally amazing.

Tomorrow will mark the end of my first week combining P90X with Weight Watchers. I also weigh in tomorrow for the first time. I'm kind of nervous, but I've been so incredibly good with it. Weight Watchers really works for me, and their online program is absolutely fabulous because I can do it while I'm on the computer (which is a lot) and while I'm out, I can do it on my phone. Brilliant! Also, While I did earn 26 activity points this last week, I didn't spend any of them. This can only help my cause right? I'm figuring that as long as I'm not starving myself and being unhealthy about it, I should be ok. My thing is that if I'm invited to a party or go out to dinner with Brian or my friends, I don't have to worry about what I'm going to eat because I've been banking all of my activity points and extra weekly points (of which I only used 13.5 out of 35 this week). Also, I figure not using the activity points and the extra weekly points will add a bit of cushion in case I've miscalculated portions and little bites here and there. I just want to leave room for error and social freedom. I guess we'll find out tomorrow if it's working!!!! I feel great and in control.

So during the last week I came up with two new mantras for myself. They're AWESOME! But ironically I can't remember either of them right now. I promise that I'll write them down as soon as I remember. Promise.

Day 37- Today was chest, shoulders, and triceps. Holy smokes, is this one hard for me to do. I'm just not physically prone to doing pushups- they feel very awkward to me, but I push forward and suck it up. I'm proud to say that this week was far better than last week. My main concern is becoming healthy and continuing to progress.

Day 38- Today was yoga. Unfortunately, due to the new job, nannying, and my new responsibilities as co-stage manager for the Miss Woodstock pageant, (I take on all responsibilities for the job next year. Yay! So excited.) I ran out of time and was only able to complete the first half of this workout today. Luckily, the core of the hard work is in the first half, while the second half is majorly stretching and balancing, two things that are extremely easy for me. In fact, from the beginning, the second half has always been incredibly easy- a breeze. So while I would have enjoyed being able to do the entire workout, I don't feel like I've been robbed. I got in the hard parts and am still progressing. (Although I still can't do crane for the life of me. All well!)

Day 39- Toay was supposed to be legs & back, but it was another busy day, even busier than the last. I left my house at 5 AM and didn't return until 12:30 AM. Talk about a freakin' nightmare. I took today as my rest day instead of Sunday.

Day 40- I did legs & back today, and might I just say that it's getting easier and easier??? I'm sooo happy with it! I feel so accomplished at the end. I think I need to go buy heavier weights so I can keep progressing with this one. Thank you, dancer legs! The calf raises are still ridiculously painful, though. Even with my dance backround, these kill. The pidgeon toe raises escape me. My legs just don't turn that way! I do them in parallel instead. In past weeks, I have struggled to find a way to make the pullups challenging. I do them with bands secured in the door jamb instead of an actual pullup bar, because that is sure as heck not happening. I'm not aiming for a ripped back anyways- just a toned back. Anyways... they've always been tough, but I always felt like they worked my arms much more than my back. BUT I found a solution yesterday- all I needed to do was 1.) Engage my back muscles and try to use them instead of my arms, and 2.) Move farther away from the door, thus adding tension to the bands! Yay! Problem solved.

Day 41- Just got done with Kenpo X. And while it's not my favorite because I'm not into the whole punching scene, I still enjoy it. Aren't the last 20 minutes of this video just a kick in the pants??? I just love it. I remember that when I first started doing this video, I didn't have enough stamina or energy to do the runs, jump rope, jumping jacks, and x jumps during the breaks. I could barely move I was so burned out! Now, I'm like, "BRING IT ON!!!" I can do it all- even the x jumps! They're aboslutely one of my favorite things to do.

I will do my best to report the results of my weigh-in tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

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