Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 65-70, Plus- Day 60 Measurements Are In!

The day 60 measurements are in! Ok, so I'm a touch late, but I DID take them a few days ago on June 19. Here are my results:

June 19 Measurements (in inches)

chest: 40 inches
waist: 31 inches
hips- 45.5
right thigh- 22.5
left thigh- 22.5
right arm- 12
left arm-12
weight- 178.6

Let's compare those measurements to my Day 1 measurements, just to get an idea of how far I've come:

Measurements- April 17, 2009

chest- 42
waist- 34
hips- 46
right thigh (midpoint)- 25
left thigh (midpoint)- 25
right arm (flexed midpoint)- 13
left arm (flexed midpoint) - 13
weight: 185

Not bad! I FINALLY lost some around my hips! It took 60 days, but I did it! I'm also finally out of the 180's, which is something worth celebrating. My arms are smaller, my thighs are smaller, my chest is smaller, my waist is smaller.... things are lookin' good! I'm very proud.

So- only 20 days left! I can't believe it!! Things are going well. I'm doing my best to max out every day, but I'm getting in such good shape that I find myself having to do the hardest versions offered in the videos. It's nice, but kind of weird because that's never been something I've had to do or been able to do before. I'm totally loving it! I got sunburned really badly at the pool last Thursday, though, so each workout since then has been slightly modified because I can't stretch my arms back or lay on my back. (Too much pain...) It hasn't been a huge obstacle, but it has definitely not been a fun one. The pain is starting to subside and I should be good as new in the next couple of days.

Brian has a surprise planned for me tomorrow right after I get off of work, and from what I hear, I'm not going to have time to exercise. Eek! I'm sad, but I'll just use tomorrow as a rest day instead of Sunday, or double up my workouts on Wednesday to make up for it. We'll see how the week goes. The funny part about this is that in the past, I would have welcomed the break. I woul have been relieved by it. Now, I just feel anxious and sad! I dread it! It's odd, but I love it. It's a beautiful thing. I feel like I've really changed my whole lifestyle.

This weekend was kind of interesting. I ate my normal breakfast on Saturday morning, but didn't eat anything at all for about 13 hours after that. When I finally got the chance to eat again, I was starving, but also felt incredibly nauseous, so I couldn't even eat anything!!! I asked ChaCha if not eating or having a bad sunburn could cause nausea, and ChaCha replied saying that not eating causes low blood sugar, which can cause nausea. So go figure. I guess I need to not space out my meals so much next time and make sure that I'm eating enough- another problem I've never had before. I love this new me, but it's so surreal!

Lovin life, lovin you. Here's to a fabulous week of kickin' butt and losing the cage!

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