Sunday, April 19, 2009

Days 3-7

I really need to keep up with this better. I've just been soooo busy- it's been really hard to just get in the workouts let alone blog about them.

Day 3

Today I did the plyometrics DVD. HOLY CRAP. I thought I was going to DIE. This was by far the hardest workout. Luckily, I ran out of time and couldn't finish the last 15 minutes... I think it would have been dangerous to my health if I had gone any further though. My legs definitely felt it the next day... oh man. Difficult stuff, but I felt good after doing it. I felt like I had really accomplished something.

Day 4

So my third workout was the shoulders and arms DVD. I don't think I used heavy enough dumbbells because I definitely wasn't as wiped out as I should have been at the end of the workout. I went to Wal-Mart the next day and bought some ten-pounders to use instead of the eight-pounders I already had. I enjoyed shoulders and arms much more than chest and back, that's for sure! There were no pushups involved... that probaby helped. My arms and legs are starting to feel tighter already. Awesome!

Day 5

Today my fitness booklet and calandar came in the mail. I've read them both over and decided that the "lean" version of the program is best suited to the results I want. (Less upper body work, more weight loss.) I don't want to bulk up, just get in shape and drop some weight. So I know that the last three workouts have not been according to this plan, but I just decided to start today with something on the lean program that I hadn't worked on yet- yoga. After the previous three workouts, I've been incredibly sore and tight. I walk around like an old man! The yoga helped relieve this pain ENORMOUSLY. The first 45 minutes relied a lot on arm strength, which was a bummer for me and was excruciatingly painful. The workout is an hour and a half so by the time it was halfway over, I thought I was going to die if it kept up the same strength exercises! Thankfully, it moved more into balance and stretching, which I had no problem with given my heavy dance backround. Still, it was challenging enough even for me. I thouroughly enjoyed it, and I felt GREAT for the rest of the day and the following day as well.

Day 6

Today was Kenpo X. Definitely new to me. Basically, this workout tried to teach me everything dance teachers have told me not to do for my entire life. It was difficult to lean over during kicks and turn in my legs, but I enjoyed the challenge. I didn't master it, but I look forward to hopefully doing so in the future. I've never been into the whole "fighting" or karate thing, but I enjoyed the workout nonetheless. Lots of sweating and I was able to complete the whole thing no problem. Definitely starting to see results of this week's hard work already!

Day 7

REST! Much desired, much needed. Tomorrow starts a new week!

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