Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 2

Just finished day 2- today was ab ripper x. Pretty intense! I'm sore, but I feel good. Danny did it with me again today, only he likes to lay RIGHT NEXT TO ME on the floor when I do it, so that makes things kind of difficult. I keep having to tell him to move over!

So since it's my first week I'm not up to the level of the people on the DVD. Kind of sad, but I'm getting there. Yesterday on the Chest & Back workout and I was doing between 15-20 reps per exercise, which I guess isn't too bad for my first day. I'm not sure if I pushed myself hard enough. On the ab ripper x today I was usually between 5-10 reps lower than the DVD. Not bad, not good. Has anyone else had any experience with completing/not completing the reps outlined on the DVD? Do you gradually work up to the DVD, or did you start out on their level and just push really hard? The indicator I'm using right now is whether or not I'm sore the next day. Is that wrong?? I honestly have no idea. I guess I'll just stick to the motto that Tony Horton uses all the time: do your best and forget the rest!

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