Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 12

Just finished legs and back!!! Crazy. I know I'm supposed to do ab ripper x afterwards, but I feel like legs and back is a good enough workout for the day, whereas kenpo is a bit lighter, so I'm doing the ab ripper x after kenpo so that I can even out the scores a little bit. I'll probably do the same with shoulders and back and cardio x- just move around the ab ripper x to a lighter day. Legs and back was pretty intense, but still really fun. With my dance background, I have really strong legs so I expected this to be an easier workout- it definitely wasn't! It challenged me to push just a little bit farther than I could do and even made my hardcore dancer legs burn like they haven't in years! It was great. I'm so glad that Tony made a workout for legs that challenges me- most leg workouts don't. This was the one thing I was concerned about when I bought the program... no concerns anymore!

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