Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Round 2- Days 50-52

I've now officially started my recovery week of phase 2, round 2. I can't believe I'm closing in on the last phase of round 2! This has been a crazy journey. 137 days ago, I wouldn't recognize myself. And not just because I look different, but because I AM different. It's become this whole new lifestyle for me. I automatically assume that exercise is a part of my day, and I automatically think about every single thing that goes in my mouth. I'm eating healthier, cooking healthier, living healthier, and exercising healthier. As Jason Mraz says, do something every day for you mind, body, and soul. My roommates and I have started a checklist on our communal white board to make sure that we are doing these things every day. What a blessing it is when I remember to take care of all that God gave me! Beautiful thing.

As I close in on the end of round 2, I am started to wonder where the blog is going. As you can see, I've changed the name of the blog as well as the URL, because this journey has become about more than just P90X. I'd like to change some other things up a little bit. I will still document my P90X progress (I'm starting P90X Plus next round, and I'm starting to use a pull-up bar next week!) but I'd also like the blog to be about a little more than that. I'm going to start talking more about my Weight Watchers journey and talking about my successes and struggles with that program. I'm also starting to learn to cook many different foods and shop healthier now that I'm at school I'm fighting tooth and nail to not go back to where I was last year. (A very scary place!) I'd like to start incorporating more pictures into the blog and telling you all about the things I'm eating that work... and the things that don't. I largely depend on the support of others in this area, as I'm sure many of you do. I'd like to start supporting others the way they've supported me!

I'm donating plasma today, so I've opted to take my X Stretch day today so that I don't overexert myself. Donating really drains me, but I need the money and they don't let you donate if your blood pressure is too high. I'm guessing plyo is not a good option on donation day! I'm helping others with the donation, so I guess I can check off "soul" on my list for the day!

What are you doing for your mind, body, and soul today?


  1. Hi I am just starting P90X I am on day 4 and I would love to see some before and after pics of you.

  2. I'll be finishing with round 2 in about two weeks so I plan on posting some pix then. I'm LDS so I won't be posting anything that shows too much skin but I'll find something suitable. Good luck on your journey!!!