Thursday, July 30, 2009

Round 2- Days 6-16

Phew! Just started week three of phase 1 in round 2. Can't believe it! It's going by SO quickly. Definitely making strides. I bought heavier bands two days ago to up the difficulty of the pull-ups (or fake pull-ups I guess, but I'll get to the real ones. One step at a time, friends.) I keep going to Wal-Mart to get 20 pounders, but they're out! It's such a drag, because I really want them. I'm not sure I'm QUITE ready, but I know that in a couple moves I could really use them. I'm still progressing with the 15's, though.

As you know, I'm now doing the "classic" version instead of lean. I've also moved on to doing the 8-10 reps instead of 11-15 because I decided that I'd like a little size. :) I'm definitely getting more results more quickly this way. And I've finally started using the worksheets... should have started 106 days ago, but all well. It is what it is. I've started using them now and it's definitely helping me see where to progress and by how much. USE YOUR WORKSHEETS!!!

Weight Watchers is still going great- I haven't been as hardcore about tracking over the last couple weeks and it's definitely affecting my progress. This week has been much better, though. It's starting to feel more natural, more a part of my life. It's really becoming a life-change. It's just the way I am now. I'm happy to be this way!

Proud moment. I am officially able to do plyometrics all the way through, no additional breaks, with the bonus round. LOVING it. I have to say, I think plyo and legs & back are my two favorite workouts. They really bring on the pain, but even better, the gain! Sometimes I miss that incredibly debilitating pain I used to feel every day in the first month and a half of p90x. I know I'm still working hard, but I'm in better shape now so my body isn't killing itself like it used to. It's something I should be happy about, I know, but that sore feeling was such a reminder of all the hard work I was doing. It was something to be proud of, a constant little reminder of the strides I was making. Today I feel sore, and it makes me happy.

I think after I finish round 2, I'm going to order p90x+! I feel ready for it now, but I want to make sure. Also, I'd like to give Insanity a try as well. I'm already setting goals for the next year! There's a part of me that still can't believe it. I've never been such a workout-aholic before, and I've certainly never looked forward to killing myself doing push-ups every day. But now... I just can't get enough. It's the best feeling in the world! Again, proud moment.

While I definitely don't feel like I have the cardio vascular strength for Insanity, I know I'll get there. I'm so far away from where I was 106 days ago. I know that if I am diligent and that if I continue to bring it, I'll keep progressing. It's a challenge every day. It's HARD. It's TOUGH. But it's not something that I can't do. In fact, it's something that's very within my reach!

So today I woke up and my abs were KILLING me. (Awesome feeling! Totally living it up.) But I was slightly confused because yesterday I just did chest & back. No ab work... didn't make much sense, but I'm not complaining. I know that push-ups can cause your abs to be sore from maintaining form, but so far throughout the program I haven't had that problem. Or rather, that GIFT. It's a beautiful thing! Plyo and Ab Ripper X today. Can't wait!!!!

Got my P90X shirt in the mail last week. Wearing it with pride!

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