Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 82

So I've done some thinking. And I realized that I was missing the entire point: the point of this whole journey is to get into shape, to exercise every day, and not to just complete the 90 program. Yes, completing it is important, but missing two days because I'm sick is not a bad thing. It doesn't make me a bad person. It doesn't make me a slacker. It's not like I just decided to take two days off. No. In fact, I set out all of my exercise things, ready to go, just in case I suddenly started to feel better. It was so hard for me to sit on that couch and stare at my weights, knowing I couldn't use them. Just that fact is HUGE. That says a lot about how far I've come over the past 82 days. Yes, I will finish strong. Yes, I will FINISH. But in 92 days.

But really... is that such a big deal? If I had finished late because I was "busy" (I AM busy. Extremely busy. So anyone who is using that excuse is just lazy.) or because I was "tired" (I AM tired. I get up at 3:50 AM every day! Anyone using that excuse, again, lazy.) then we would be having a different conversation. I would have every right to feel guilty about finishing late if those were the reasons. But they're not. I'm two days late because I got sick. It happens. It would have been unwise to exercise in my condition. I could have hurt myself or made myself stay sick longer than just two days, and then put myself even farther behind. I made a good choice and I'm not going to beat myself up for something that was completely out of my control.

Another thing... I talked earlier about maybe doubling up for a couple days to get back on track. Honestly... what's the point again? The point is to exercise every day! The point is to get into shape! Not to kill myself! Doing doubles could potentially injure me. I know some people do it, but they're in much better shape. I plan on continuing the program into a second round, so in the long run will it really matter that I finished two days late? No. As long as I continue to exercise daily, it won't matter. I just need to focus on doing my best all of the time. If I were to do doubles, I know it wouldn't be my best, and I know that I'd hurt myself and end up even farther behind or end up giving myself some real problems. So where do I go from here? Forward! Just one day at a time, keeping with it with the same diligence as always.

Core synergistics today. It was rough, but it was good. Lovin' those walking push-ups. They're a beast but I can feel myself mastering them. It's a great feeling.

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