Sunday, August 16, 2009

Round 2- Days 17-31

For those of you closely following my journey to changing my physical condition (ha!), you will realize that 1. I haven't blogged my progress in a long time and 2. I am a few days off of where I should be. I am a little ashamed, but the past is in the past and all I can do now is move forward with my head held high, my eyes fixed on the goal.

Last week was the fair, and I was there all day every day, eating fair food (which surprisingly got very old very quickly, and was nowhere near as satisfying as usual) and not having an ounce of energy to work out at the end of the day. I missed two days total from that, one day because I was sick (lack of gall bladder+fair food= no good) and the other because I was flat out exhausted. I them proceeded to miss one more day because life got busy and I was still recovering from fair week. Excuses, excuses. I'm back on track now, though. I gained a pound and a half from fair week and only have .4 of it left to lose to be back where I was. Yay!

Speaking of tracking... this whole "writing down what you do" thing really is God-sent. I'm finding that it's crucial to not only write down what I'm eating, but also what I'm lifting, my reps, etc. Writing down how I'm exercising is really helping me to push myself every single day. And comparing different workouts helps, too. For instance, chair dips can be found in more than one workout, so if I look at how many I did during one, I can find out how many I should be doing for another. Very useful stuff!!!!

I love being sore. I really do. It's like a constant reminder of how hard I'm working. In the beginning I was sore all day every day, but now it's usually just a slight discomfort after working out and then the next day I feel totally healthy. BUT today I'm really feeling it! I had Chest, Shoulders, Triceps yesterday and I really killed myself doing it. My arms are sore but it feels great!

I'm a little nervous to be going back to school in two weeks. School really caused a lot of problems for me in the weight area and I'm afraid of returning to where I was. It's going to be a constant challenge to keep up the good habits I've built over the summer. Lots of work, but I know that it's not impossible.

Keep going, guys!

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  1. You and I must be on the same brain wave because I just posted finally on my blog too! It's been so hard keeping up with it over the summer but school starts Monday so I hope to do better.

    Glad you metioned how tracking everything and writing it down is such an awesome accountability tool. Everyone should be doing it.

    Blessing to you in this new school year. I'm sure you'll stick with your new good habits and really influence those around you!!